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Most of these are considered addiction recovery classics and are widely used in recovery and treatment programs. While many of these are considered basic texts for 12 Step programs, not all are considered “approved literature”. Any questions about which books are on the approved literature list for a specific 12 Step program should be directed to the headquarters or main website of that specific group. If you are struggling with substance abuse or currently recovering from substance abuse, it can often feel overwhelming. Even hearing other people’s experiences, whether that be through support groups or reading memoirs, can sometimes feel just as overwhelming.

  • We understand that many considerations go into finding a treatment facility that is appropriate for you or your loved one.
  • There are countless books out there on drug and alcohol abuse, rehabilitation and recovery, and related topics.
  • Fiction contains painful experiences into something we can more easily accept and understand.
  • Michael, a respected and successful man with a beautiful family, finds he can no longer cope with the pressure after two decades of helping patients with addiction.
  • Very can’t stay away from screens and it lands her in tech rehab.
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The book explains that addictive tendencies are usually a response to extreme situations. Once these situations have been controlled, it goes a long way to stop the addiction. The author tells her life experience and how Transitional living she was able to get a grip on herself to stop her addictive habit. It is an interesting read that has motivated thousands of people. The author explains why it’s important to feel responsible for our self-care and pains.

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Smashed was a ground breaking novel, shocking people with the brazenly delivered truths experienced by young women all over the country. Zailckas’ story is similar to the millions of youths who engage in binge drinking at dangerously young age. Throughout the course of the book, Zailckas reveals the underlying emotional pain and lack of confidence that she tried to express through excessive drinking. She also closely examines both the internal and external factors that drove her to seek help in ending her destructive cycle of binge drinking.

The latest edition of “Out of the Shadows” also covers the phenomenon of cybersex addiction, and in the end leads readers towards finding help for sexual compulsion. By gathering the narratives of fifteen people in recovery, author Mary Addenbrooke provides an overview of how and why people become addicted, and explores what happens once the addiction is left behind. All in all, “Survivors Of Addiction” examines the healing process, by getting deep into the WHY’s and HOW’s of addiction recovery. If you are interested in rationally observing the minds of addicts, this book is for you. Easy to follow, these thoughtful and profound explorations into the voices of addiction recovery are an essential reading for anyone who wants to get their head around addiction issues.

addiction recovery books

The book presents healthy recovery as the result of living in accordance to twelve time-honored powerful principles, including honesty, evolution, solitude, love, compassion and hope. Erica Spiegelman is a well-respected addiction counselor, author and speaker who has had her own struggles with alcoholism and addiction. She promotes a holistic approach to healthy recovery Sobriety that goes well beyond abstaining from drugs and alcohol. The smart reality of her book is that the attitudes and beliefs that accompany addiction are what fuels the disease. Change your focus and healthy choices that rejuvenate body, mind and spirit are bound to follow. The book includes action-oriented, positive affirmations and intentions to help you do so.

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This is one of the best reads for families of addicts, but also for anyone else who is wondering what addiction compulsion is and how recovery takes place. Describing an emotional roller coaster, author Amanda Andruzzi wrote her “Hope Street” memoir to provide insight into what it’s like to live with an addict and be a co-addict. Anyone dealing with a spouse or a family member suffering from addiction can relate to the situations described. Amanda’s writing will make you feel understood and let you know that experiences of feeling alone and fearing to leave an addicted partner can be much alike. In the end, this is a memoir about a frightening journey that inspirationally ends in her finding the courage and strength to overcome the issues and leaves the past in the past. Working with the right team and with an approach fit for your needs, you can set achievable goals, make positive changes, and build a support network of family and friends while in co-occurring disorders recovery. The handbook “Co-occurring Addiction And Mental Health Disorders” is written and designed to help people with co-occurring disorders thrive in recovery.

addiction recovery books

The steps outlined in the book have helped many discontinue their habit. It will continue to help thousands of others who will follow exactly the steps in the book. There is nothing better than listening to someone who has passed through the exact same experience you are passing through.

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A very well organized program of tools that helped me in my recovery. I use all the tools regularly and the more I do them, the stronger I get when urges and triggers come along. Almost everything in the book can be printed off the smart recovery website for free. The following are some fictional books about substance use and addiction you can turn to the next time you are feeling lonely, curious, or stuck in your own head. Join Recovery Connection in sharing stories of hope and recovery. We invite you to share your journey of recovery and be featured on Recovery Connection! Fill out the form below and one of our team members will reach out to help you get started.

addiction recovery books

Spend a few moments in the whirlwind of shame, guilt, and utter desperation. The thief will shrewdly expose the terror of that human soul drenched in remorse and fear. You will never fully understand this harrowing disease until you jump into that circus. A Very Fine House is an intimate memoir of a mother’s Norman Rockwell family turned upside down by her daughter’s descent into meth addiction and crime. Living fast and hard on the streets of Bend, Oregon, she commits crimes against herself, the community, and her own family. Are there any additional books about addiction that you recommend? If you want even more books, we’ve got 16 books about the unglamorous parts of addiction here.

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James went to my college, Denison University, and is friends with many of my friends, so I loved reading the parts that took place (“fictionally”) in Granville, Ohio. This is one of the first books I read about addiction ever, before I realized I had a problem. I really liked this book because it focuses a lot on her spiritual crisis and how it related to her alcoholism. She is a Christian, as am I, and I often battled in my head with being a Christian and being an alcoholic. Eventually my faith brought me to my knees and I began my journey of sobriety after having a spiritual experience. Unbroken BrainThe unbroken brain provides an inventive and radical approach to help individuals combat their forms of addiction. It provides inspiring insights to support that claim that addiction is simply a learning disorder.

As a young woman, Wurtzel struggled with severe depression marked by manic highs and extreme lows. She turned to alcohol and drugs in an attempt to self-medicate and treat her emotional pain.

addiction recovery books

Terry achieved long-term sobriety at one time, and she helped many women. It made me realize the pain I would have brought to my parents if they had lost me.

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We decided to include “Recovery and Renewal” by Baylissa Frederick in our reading list of books related to drug addiction, because the issue of dependency and withdrawal from prescription drugs is a big one. The story of author Fran Simone, PhD and her husband Alcohol detoxification Terry begins happy. He is a loving, kind and supportive husband, a good father – yet he’s a drinker. But, unlike the angry, abusive kind of alcoholic, Terry is a highly-functioning one. Fran is in denial because of this, so she takes on a codependent behavior.

Long before I was falling asleep with my iPhone in hand, I read Very LeFreak, a young adult novel about a technology addicted girl.ьnoj-sily/ Very can’t stay away from screens and it lands her in tech rehab. A teenage girl gets hooked on drugs and forced into prostitution.

This successful businessman spent 20 years being controlled by his problem drinking, even after trying countless methods to stop. Beck finally discovered his own successful method and promotes it in this book. As a result of Medicaid and Medicare currently paying beneath the necessary costs to provide premium residential services addiction recovery books and treatment programs, we are not able to contract or accept these methods of payment. Cynnie vows she’ll never be an alcoholic–-she’s sees the damage alcohol can cause in her mother every day. The stress of being the real adult of the house gets to be tough, though and Cynnie has an idea about what might numb the pain.

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