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xero shoes fit

The Olympic lifts—snatch and clean and jerk—require supreme stability, and the Xero 360s are more likely to throw you off than help you out. We review free products that we receive and participate in affiliate programs, where we may be compensated for items purchased through links from our site. is the intersection where brands, retailers and shoppers meet, bringing the convenience of ecommerce to the local shopping experience. We help you find your favorite products and brands at stores near you.

We’re sorry to hear that the shoes didn’t fit you the first time around, and would love to help you find a pair of Xeros that works better for you. Otherwise, you can of course use your own shipping label and receive a full refund on the price of the products. It’s true that we can’t guarantee the carrier’s delivery times, especially given the delays that the shipping industry has experienced in the past year. Thank you so much for being a Xero Shoes customer, we really appreciate your business and your feedback. The pictures and description on Xero’s website did not say they were basically slip-ons with decorative (non-functional) laces. I could not even get the shoe on my foot, even though I ordered one size up. After two and a half weeks, I finally received my refund.

  • One of the new products from Xero, I’m excited to see what other huarache-inspired shoes the company comes up with.
  • If you’re currently an ultra-marathoner and want to try barefoot shoes, you’ll have a hard time holding yourself back.
  • For Fall 2020, Xero Shoes is adding to their original model’s lineup a Hana with a leather upper.
  • If you’re a heel striker, then you’ll likely want to explore shoes that have a bit more material to accommodate the strike force of your foot when moving through your gait pattern.
  • If you have any questions about this shoe’s construction, feel free to drop a comment below or to reach out to me personally.

The sole has come away on all three pairs and I’ve had to glue it back down again several times, most recently again today on my own pair. The stitching on the sides, where the reflective straps join with material either side of the upper, tears away and reflective straps have come loose. I have glued these back in, and glued the material back down, several times but it repeatedly comes loose. Born is ’62, I’ve been around long enough to mess up and learn a few things. Father to three daughters, husband and an avid minimalist plant fueled ultra runner. I love to share ideas that might inspire others to seek an upward spiral in their well being.

I considered comparing the Xero Shoes Mesa Trail to trail runners from Altra, Topo Athletics, and Inov-8. At the end of the day, none of the comparisons I considered making matched the Mesa Trail’s mixture of stack height, weight, and minimalist design. While I could have compared the Mesa Trail to products from Lems or Vivobarefoot, in the end, I made a comparison to another Xero Shoes product, the TerraFlex.

These shoes literally roll up to the width of the sole, by about a 2” circle. Both of them together can literally fit in my pocket.

Simple Steps To The Correct Fit

I feel much more confident in the low profile Xeros. She has very wide feet, as in double-wide shoe sizes, and this fits her a half size up from her “true” size. Anya, do you think you could wear crampon like grips with these (not the crazy spike ones for climbing, just the basic $5 ones)? I live in the deep woods of Maine and need these in the winter while walking the dog or else I’ll probably break something! 😉 However, my tried and true bean boots I’ve been wearing for 30 years, 6 months a year, are just KILLING me after I spend all summer in Xero’s. I almost switched when these came out but I was worried about these two issues. Thank you so much for all your hard work on zero drop shoes, I know it’s a ton of research.

They are deep enough to provide traction on gravel trails, but not enough for more technical terrain. She said Xero shoes did really well with this design and she’s excited to have shoes that are both comfortable and dressy. These shoes, because of their nature, have been the most heavily tested. Because of the grippy sole I’ve taken them for runs, flipped tires in the backyard in them, and cycled to the office in them. Can you think of another shoe that you could bike to work in, go for a run in, and shoe up to an executive meeting in?

I went backpacking in mine with 45 pounds on my back and had no problems. Barefoot purists would perhaps rightly argue that these are pushing the definition of barefoot, but why let semantics get in the way of a great shoe? These are comfortable and durable, and they offer about 7 millimeters of padding to soften the impact of running on concrete. How you approach barefoot shoes depends on what you’re looking to do.

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By way of comparison, the Xero Aptos is very cool and looks just like a regular shoe. I like the white contrast stitching and the hemp material. They are unfortunately narrower than Feelgrounds and Be Lenka and they are only just barely wide enough for me. Faced with overwhelming complexity in other aspects of life, I don’t feel like fiddling around with laces.

xero shoes fit

Unrestricted access to all 2,300+ articles, gear reviews, skills, stories, and more. Read about our approach to journalistic integrity, product reviews, and affiliate marketing here. Improving your stride is the best way to reduce your chance of injuries. Good form can help protect you from bothersome injuries and improve your running performance better than any shoes. This flexibility allows you to move freely, making the Xero Shoes Prio super comfortable. They’re lightweight as well and if you’ve ever gone traveling or backpacking, you’ll know the importance of packing light!

We encourage you to use the information in this post when shopping for minimalist shoes. Look at the shoes using a critical eye, examining them based on the criteria we listed above. Handle the shoes, noting their flexibility and their potential for both comfort and performance.

Shoe Review: Xeroshoes Z

On a side note, customers that usually order a larger size to accommodate a wider fit are recommended to only purchase their actual foot size. Modeled on the running sandal of the famous Tarahumara runners, the Genesis sandal was my first exposure to Xero unearned revenue Shoes. You buy either a DIY kit to make your own sandals or opt for the pre-made Genesis. These are fast becoming my favorite shoes, but beginners shouldn’t start here. These are a mere 4-millimeter sole with some shock cord to hold them to your feet.

When it comes to minimalist training, the Xero Shoes Prio is a shoe that offers solid protection while staying true to its barefoot-running roots. From the adjustable huarache-style straps to the optional insole, no other shoe we tested provides the same flexibility of design features. As our Top Pick for Road Running, this shoe is likely to inspire your running for years to come. But on dry days and mixed-surface runs, the Prio is a fair shoe. The rubber is not particularly tacky, and although the downward flexion is somewhat compromised compared to others we tested, the thin outsole still offers natural grip from the toes. The v-shaped, “Chevron” style lugs are thoughtfully reversed on the heel, providing some level of extra traction on downhills. Expect better performance on pavement and compact surfaces like gravel or dirt roads — on loose, rocky trails, the lugs are simply too shallow to prevent slipping.

xero shoes fit

Also, for men with narrower feet, we suggest looking at the “women’s” style, which is narrower. Xero shipped to the wrong address in different state. Contacted customer service and was told it’s the carrier’s fault, and I should contact the carrier. I’ll be disputing the charge since I have no shoes and no resolution from the company.

Dr. Marty has always been interested in foot health, due to the connection between the feet and the spine. He has worked as a freelance writer for, for whom he contributed over 2,200 health-and-fitness articles. He is a co-founder of Natural Footgear and an ardent supporter of natural foot care approaches. Dr. Marty enjoys road cycling, trail running, hiking, canoeing, and cross-country skiing as well as exploring the mountains of Western North Carolina.

The Xero Shoes HFS shoe perfect for anyone that wants a barefoot and minimalist shoe that can tackle a variety of tasks. These shoes have a wide toe box for promoting xero shoes fit toe splay and minimalist construction. Their overall stack height sits at just 5.5mm and you can remove the 2mm insole to feel even closer to the ground.

The boot is comfy, but again, I’ve barely worn it – really just to feel the fit. Gotta wait for snow and cold to properly test these out. They feel adequately substantial and warm, while maintaining some flexibility . SpecsUseA much better version of the popular “flip-flops”. For everything from walking, running, yoga, wet areas, and general use.WeightIncredibly light. If you’ve been wearing traditional running shoes for a long time, you’ll need to condition the soles to withstand impact on hard ground. The best way to this is to move to a thinner soled regular shoe before using a proper minimalist shoe.

I’ve been in the fitness and strength training industry for nearly a decade. In that time, I’ve trained hundreds of clients, created thousands of articles, reviewed countless products, and produced a large list of training videos. As for my educational background, I have my Masters in Sports Science, Bachelors in Exercise Science, and have my CSCS. For lower body sessions, and more specifically unilateral leg work like lunges and split squats, the flexibility in this shoe is the star player.

I am taking these shoes to Alaska in June on a hiking trip and I will definitely be telling others to check them out. After walking in them for a short five mile walk I developed a painful area on the top of the second toe on my right foot. When I got home and looked the area was a bloody abrasion. When walking the right shoe just seems to bend and then rub on the same place over and over. Because of this even the bandaid has a very hard time staying on. When this sore finally heals I will try again but as of now the Prio shoe doesn’t work for me. Within the first mile of running in those kit sandals, part of the magic of huarache running was revealed.

Xero Shoes Review

One of the new products from Xero, I’m excited to see what other huarache-inspired shoes the company comes up with. This means that you can try them on for fit, at most, before returning them. The cost of return shipping falls on you, and your refund will only include the purchase price . Go into this purchase with an open mind; you might end up loving barefoot shoes. When is someone going to make a lightweight and zero drop safety work boot for people with wide feet? The safety footwear industry is killing construction workers’ mobility over their lifetime. Like most sneakers and sandals, Xero Shoes may stretch out over time.

Xero Shoes

You can compare prices and specs using our minimal shoes price scanner. Product discussed in this article may have been purchased by the author from a retailer or direct from a manufacturer, or by Backpacking Light for the author.

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My new pair has not worn in the same way during late-spring and summer backpacking and running. A final point – I sent photos of this mesh failure to Xero Shoes and they sent me a new pair, with assurances that this kind of damage is covered under the manufacturer warranty. Steven Sashen in particular was surprised – he said none of their testers had managed to make the shoe wear like this. A third failure point in trail runners is an abrasion-induced failure in the mesh material. Here I finally saw some failure in the Mesa Trail, at around the 450-mile mark. The mesh just behind the instep on both feet failed .

While these options mean that this trainer is heavier than most of the pack, it does afford an extra level of comfort that those transitioning to barefoot-style shoes will likely appreciate. Although these road runners do not fit the archetypal appearance of a barefoot shoe, they are deceptively minimalist in design. More than just an extra-wide toe box, the whole shoe is specifically designed to be roomy so that your entire foot has room to contribution margin spread out. This is particularly noticeable in uneven terrain, where your foot is unhindered to adjust to its proper position within the shoe, offering you naturally more stable footing. A true zero-drop shoe that lays close to the ground, the Prio offers an optional removable insole that adds an additional 2mm of cushion to the otherwise ultra-minimal 5.5mm outsole. The straps on the sides of the shoe are more for function than fashion.

She is a gear junkie, a self-proclaimed Queen of Gear Hacks and loves sharing her tips and tricks with others. Wanda lives in southern NH and is looking forward to moving closer to the mountains in the next few years. The continuous front strap feels very secure even as you move around vigorously. It was also easy to adjust, but since there is only one continuous strap, adjusting one part would affect the others, and you need to balance it out each time. The sole is secured onto your feet with a single ultra-comfortable tubular webbing, adjusted through rust-proof hardware. While it’s thicker, it’s actually 20% lighter than the Z-Trek. It’s so light that it takes three pairs of Z-Trails to weigh as much as an average sandal.

You can see where the tear has started to creep into the welded component. This started at mile 450 .It’s worth noting a few things here. On my Mesa Trail shoes, the failure has stopped at the outer layer of mesh.

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